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Flashout is an amazing product! I had it installed and I have not had any more problems with any rodents. I had a problem with squirrels getting into my house and I heard about flashout so I called. I did not realize that it would look so nice and keep the rodents out. Thank you Flashout Crew for doing such an awesome job!

Erinn M. Williamsburg, VA

I had birds and bird nests in my attic and I had tried every other solution to keep them out. I did not want to kill them I just wanted them out of my house. My friend told me about Flashout and that it works for rodents and any other small animals that can get through openings in the house. I decided to have the product installed. The Advanced Vinyl Solutions crew was extremely professional and they took the nests out without touching or killing the birds and they took care of the problem. Thank you Flashout for caring about our environment.

Loretta B., Elizabeth City, NC

We have had a rat infestation around here in my neighborhood. My neighbors were getting this new product called Flashout to prevent the rats from getting into the house. They told me that the product was environmentally safe, blends with the house, and does not kill the rats or any other rodents, the product prevents them from getting in the house. Wow!  I would not have to worry about dead rats in my attic. The Advanced Vinyl Solutions people came out and installed flashout. It works! Thank you for an incredible product!

Jesse S., Virginia Beach, VA

I don’t know how to express my gratitude for this amazing product, in fact it has changed my family’s life. We have had extreme problems with rats and possums and my wife is petrified of these rodents. I have three young children 7, 5, and 2 years old.  I have tried every product on the market to get rid of these rodents then I got flashout. There is no comparison, since I had flashout installed I have not had any more problems with rodents. My wife is no longer scared to go into the garage or the attic, and I can sleep a lot easier without worrying that one of my children could be bit. We stand by flashout 100% and so does the company that created flashout.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Joshua K. and Family, Chesapeake, VA

Awesome product, professional crew, looks great, and it really works! Thanks guys for keeping rodents out of my house.

Mark R. Norfolk, VA

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